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Learning Workshops Offered

Academic Solutions Group, LLC workshops are offered individually or as a series to reach particular learning outcomes in your organization.



These sessions were curated by creative leaders and master facilitators to ensure that the content is relevant and interactive. Most sessions run between two and three hours. While they can all be executed over Zoom, we prefer to see you in person, live, and create real connections.
Leader-Grit™ provides sessions that are easy to digest with impactful tools and strategies that support work climate and improve culture. These tools are actionable, relevant and can be built into any work environment as quickly as the next day!


Innovation in Schools

Innovation in schools and OST learning organizations require specific, integrated strategies that lead to meaningful and sustained growth. Sessions offer immediate and systemic models for developing communities of practice, integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics programming across content areas, and connecting innovation and creativity as part of leadership development.


Community Engagement

Are you looking to connect your community with innovation, creativity, multicultural awareness while building strong partnerships? These workshops are ideal for any organization looking to improve connections to the greater community and creating space for all perspectives and voices to be heard.